vi · ra · go (noun)

1. female warrior, heroine

An abandoned cemetery. An enchanted forest. An elitist music theater in which something is off.

Evil takes many forms. The devastating loss of a loved one. A suffocating relationship. A thief that robs the unwitting in plain


Each of the heroines in these thirteen stories face the darkness in their own way.

Courage requires sacrifice. Innovation. Leaving behind your safe world.

Lovers of all things dark, twisted and magical will feel the battle of the heroines rage inside them long after they have turned the last page.

Desperandum - Great horror series by Pia Sophia about prejudice, murder, violence, heartbreak, fire, terror, gore, pain, love.
Pia Sophia, a white woman author with a headscarf smiles at the camera.

"This book is my ode to women. Written in an era where I started to embrace my femininity in all its forms, it made me feel empowered writing it. Every heroine in this book is inspired on real women that I've come to learn and love. Sans the gory, creepy stuff - that's just me."

Pia Sophia -  Feminist Writer of Horror Books

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