Hi, I'm Pia Sophia!

I am a Balkan writer of feminist horror. I mentor women who (want to) write and I love editing.

I love anything dark, twisted and magical. 🖤

What Can I Do For You?

Word Witch - Feminist Horror Queen - Balkan Author - Editor

There's a lot that I am and do - Consider me your Bookish Big Sis who's down for anything.

Where shall we start?

My Books

I wrote two short story collections. They're pretty dark and twisted! If you're in the mood for something eerie, my books are exactly what you're looking for.

Editing And Custom Texts

I'm one of those authors who enjoys editing and writing for others. And I mean really enjoy it. Don't feel like editing or writing your text yourself? Hit me up! You'll do me a favor.

Writing Apprenticeship

Being a true lover of stories, I'm always looking for new ones to take to my heart. I mentor women who (want to) write from start to finish. No matter what your story's about.

My Blog (coming soon!)

I love to write about all things writing. I blog about my personal experiences as an author and I give writing advice. Author-life tends to get chaotic, at least my blog is organized...

I have been writing my own stories ever since I knew what magic could come from under your hands when you hold a pen.

As a child, I wrote about dragons and witches. As an adult, I write about all the dark, twisted and magical things that makes our world an interesting place.

I am proud of my Slavic heritage and am currently working on a feminist horror novel based on rusalke - coming in 2024.

Fun fact about me: I'm that person who watches horror movies for fun. The more twisted, the better.

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Pia Sophia -  Feminist Writer of Horror Books

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