A Fresh Pair Of Eyes For Your Book

Many writers dread the editing phase. Not me! It's actually one of my favorite steps in the writing process.

I love the difference a well-edited text can make. An edited text - be it a book, essay or a web copy - is polished and error-free. And that's exactly what I can offer you: words that you can be proud of.

While I'm a lover of anything dark, twisted and magical, I'm down to edit all kinds of texts. My editing heart starts beating equally fast for a children's book as it does for a written business agreement. As long as I get to perfect your words, I'm in my element.

Fill in the form below if you want to know more or if you're ready to hand me your editing work. I'll be glad to do it for you!


Because every text is different, we'll first take a look at what you need.

I will then prepare a quote proposal based on €60 per hour that I need to edit your text.

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