des · pair (noun)

1. the loss or absence of hope

When you look around, do you sometimes get the feeling that humankind is filled with desperation and the last straw is about to

break the camel’s back? Like the world is full of despair and the cup overflows…

The stories in my book talk about power, helplessness, prejudice, murder, violence, heartbreak, fire, terror, gore, pain, love,

and other aspects of the human condition and the very fine line dividing imagination and reality.

Meet the different characters and get sucked into this collection of stories that will put your heart in your throat and that you

will find difficult to put down.

Desperandum - Great horror series by Pia Sophia about prejudice, murder, violence, heartbreak, fire, terror, gore, pain, love.
Pia Sophia, a white woman author with a headscarf smiles at the camera.

"This book is the window into my soul in its darkest hours. Without having the intention to publish them, these stories were written during the depth of my depression. Writing these stories helped me heal, which is why I decided to share them with the world eventually. Life can be dark. Luckily, there's always light at the end of the tunnel."

Pia Sophia -  Feminist Writer of Horror Books

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